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Instructor: Julie Haskell 

Intended for: Grades 2-3


June 24-28, 9am-noon OR

June 24-28, 1 pm - 4 pm

In this camp, students will “play” with the relationship between two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.  Students will strengthen their vocabulary and understanding of shapes and spatial relationships through small group explorations, center-based learning, and whole group discussions and projects. Students will use many fun and unique materials to construct their own three-dimensional figures. Students will also play a variety of games that enhance their logic and reasoning skills with geometry and number sense.

Students attending should... be able to name basic two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes and understand the difference between two and three-dimensional objects.

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This is the third year this camp has been offered.  Students who have participated in this camp in the past are strongly encouraged to select a different camp.