Information Page for Form Submission

Prior to participation in any MSU Youth program, we must have certain completed forms.  The attached file contains:

a) Parent Guardian Release (required)

b) Medical Treatment consent (required)

c) Media Release (optional)


Please download this form, complete, and return to us no later than June 1.  You may print them and scan, or can fill out using some versions of Adobe by selecting "edit".  Electronic (typed) signatures will be considered valid.  We need to receive these forms by June 1, either by uploading electronic files or by mailing physical copies.  

a) To Upload here, please include the student's name in the file name.

b) Mail to:

Play Math Summer Camps

Attention: Ashley Ahlin

Wells Hall

619 Red Cedar Rd. Rm C212

East Lansing, MI 48824

(MSU Campus Mail should also work)