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Course Descriptions

Elementary Camps

Math Explorers (Grade 1)

"Grow young learners' knowledge and love of all things mathematical..."

This camp is being offered for the fifth year.  This year, this camp will be a FOUR day camp, Monday-Thursday.  The cost will be reduced to $100 ($120 late registration) as a result.

Geometry (Grades 2-3)

"'Play' with the relationship between two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes..."

This camp is returning for the fourth year.

Camp Logic (Grades 3-4)

In this camp, students will experience a playful introduction to the underlying structure of mathematics--deductive reasoning.  

From Zero to Infinity (Grades 4-5)

"Students will explore big numbers with an emphasis on understanding magnitudes..."

This camp is being offered for the sixth year.

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Girls Topology

Topology is the properties of shapes which don't change under stretching.  For example, a topologist would consider the letters C and V and J to be equivalent!  This camp will be co-taught by MSU Mathematician Dr. Kristen Hendricks and a local middle school math teachers.  Thanks to funding from the National Science Foundation, this camp will be offered free of charge to interested middle school girls.  Due to limited space, an application is required; selection will be based on demonstrated interest in mathematics.  Students should register using the standard registration form (without submitting payment) and we will email questions for your daughter to answer regarding her interest.

Math Puzzlers

Does your middle school student relish a mathematical challenge?  Join us for mathematical problems solving using materials from MathCounts, and MaPP.  This camp will be co-taught by Play Math Camp director Ashley Ahlin and Okemos Kinawa teacher Marian Murembya.

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