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Statistically Speaking

Instructor: Allison Denisco

Intended Grades: Entering grades 6-8

Dates: June 22th-26th (1pm -4pm)

It is commonly said that numbers don't lie, but do they tell the whole truth? Politicians, advertisers, and anyone else with an agenda are often accused of manipulating numbers to meet their needs. Explore the world of statistics by learning about sample bias and deceiving graphs. Investigate and report on personalized topics, analyze data, survey peers, and conduct experiments. Understand the mathematics of statistics and how people use it to their advantage on a daily basis. Expect to learn a lot and have a statistically significant amount of fun!

Students attending should... have a basic understanding of what a linear equation is, knowing how to solve for one variable if the other is known. With that said, students should also be comfortable with what a variable is (e.g., that it is used to represent a quantity, and that we are not always interested in solving for it). Finally, students should know how to convert back and forth from a decimal to a percentage.

After completing the camp, students will be able to...

* Gather, visualize, and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data. This includes an understanding of measures of center and variability, as well as when and how to use various types of graphs

* Recognize when statistics or statistical language is used properly, distinguish between correlation and causation, and recognize conditions typically needed for causation

* Plan and conduct a survey, observation study, or experiment, and then summarize the results of the study and make inferences on the data collected

* Make inferences using hypothesis tests

*Use a graphing calculator (we will use the TI 83, 84, or Inspire) to make sense of given or collected data

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