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Registration Information

How to Register

First complete the online registration form.  This form should save your work as you go, for up to one week, in case you need to return later to complete registration.  Once this is completed, you will be redirected to CashNet, the online payment system. Please have your payment information ready while submitting the registration.  If for some reason you are not redirected or cannot access CashNet at the time of registration, you can use direct links to pay $75.

We will associate your payment with registration based on names and email addresses used for payment. If you pay with a credit card with a name/email which is different from the name in your registration, please email us ( to let us know.  If we are not able to identify your payment, we will contact you.  You will receive a confirmation email from Cashnet.

If you are waiting to hear about a need-based scholarship and have indicated so on your registration, you do not need to submit the CashNet payment and may simply close the window. 

If you are registering more than one child for camps, or if you are registering a child for multiple camps, you must fill out and complete separate registration forms and CashNet payments. In other words, for each spot in each camp that is filled, a unique registration form and CashNet payment is needed.  

If you wish to put your student on a wait list for a camp that is full, you may submit a registration for it. However, it is crucial that you do not pay anything until we have confirmed that there is a spot in the camp for them. You may leave the browser after being redirected.

After you have 

Cancellation Policy

For students who cancel prior to one week before the first meeting, we can offer a refund of 80%.  For those who cancel within one week, but prior to the first meeting, we can offer a refund of 50%.  For those who cancel after the first meeting, we cannot offer refunds.  However, if you find that the camp is not suitable for the enrolled student, we will offer to transfer your camp fees to another camp later in the summer, if that is a more suitable fit.

We reserve the right to cancel any camp due to insufficient enrollment.  Most camps will have a minimum enrollment of 5 students.  Students who have registered for a camp which is cancelled will be offered a full refund or the opportunity to enroll in an alternate course.