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AMC 8 2020 information

The AMC 10/12 are part of the American Mathematics Competition program, together with the AMC 8, AIME, USAMO, and participation in the International Mathematics Olympiad.

The AMC 10 and AMC 12 are both 25-question, 75-minute, multiple choice examinations in high school mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem-solving skills.

The AMC 10 is for students in 10th grade and below, and covers the high school curriculum up to 10th grade. Students in grade 10 or below and under 17.5 years of age on the day of the contest can take the AMC 10. The AMC 12 covers the entire high school curriculum including trigonometry, advanced algebra, and advanced geometry, but excluding calculus. Students in grade 12 or below and under 19.5 years of age on the day of the contest can take the AMC 12.

These competitions are administered around the country on Thursday, February 4, 2021 and Wednesday, February 10, 2021. The AMC 10/12 provides an opportunity for high school students to develop positive attitudes towards analytical thinking and mathematics that can assist in future careers. The AMC 10/12 is the first in a series of competitions that eventually lead all the way to the International Mathematical Olympiad (see Invitational Competitions).

This year for the first time, students will have the opportunity to participate online.  Local students can register to participate through MSU.  The competition will be held on Thursday, February 4 at 6pm.  The cost for registering through MSU is $5, but can be waived by request to ahlin@msu.edu.

The competition will be held on the Art of Problem Solving contest platform, which will also be hosting the Mathcounts competition online this year.  Students will also need to sign up for an Art of Problem Solving account in order to participate.  Students must have a parent or guardian to proctor the online competition and certify that the rules were followed.

Registration process:

We will order enough exams for all students who register by midnight on December 28.  We will allow late registrations through January 8, if we have additional tests available.   Please read carefully the registration process:

  1. Online registration at MSU is available at: https://msu.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_5B97rNbkf57UoEl.
  2. The registration fee of $5 can be paid through MSU’s cashnet system here:  https://commerce.cashnet.com/msu_3605?&itemcode=3605-CTRG20 .  A need- based fee waiver can be obtained by emailing Ashley Ahlin at ahlin@msu.edu
  3. Students must register for an individual account through the Art of Problem Solving.  For students under 13 years old, a signed permission form must be submitted to Art of Problem Solving.  Each participant must use their own AoPS account, not the account of a parent or sibling.
  4. We will email out an invitation link to join our test administration with your Art of Problem Solving account.
  5. Once you have completed all these steps, you will be able to participate in the competition, which we will offer ONLY on Thursday, February 4 at 6pm.  There is a testing window during which different sites may choose to administer the test, but this is our ONLY testing time.  If you are not able to participate at that time, you can look for another testing site.

Some Online resources to prepare:

Old Exams

Mock exam by Po Shen Lo



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